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The one and only Red Ramp... Forklift Ramp Mobile Dock System
Cut Loading Times By 80% or More!

The Industry Leader in High-Quality Mobile loading Dock ramps

Buy your Forkliftramps™ MDS direct from the manufacturer. WM Manufacturing guarantees the highest quality and best price!


We are the industry leader in forklift ramp manufacturing. Our expert craftsmanship combined with exceptional quality design utilizing 100% welded steel allows us to offer a 5 year warranty*.

5 Year Warranty!

Our Forklift Ramps Mobile Dock Systems are:

  • exceptional quality & strength - 100% welded steel
  • built to the highest safety standards
  • free standing, portable design
  • low maintenance
  • competitively priced
  • backed by 38 years of experience
  • superior customer service & support
  • guaranteed for 5 years

Our Forklift Ramps Mobile Dock Systems (MDS) are in use across America, proudly serving all branches of the armed forces as well as a wide variety of industrial and commercial users. Our forklift ramps MDS are easily moveable using a single forklift, and are made of 100% steel components to maximize strength, safety and durability.

WM Manufacturing Ltd. takes pride in delivering top-notch quality and performance forklift ramps mobile dock systems second to none! To experience the best product, combined with superior service and support, call us toll free at 1.866.826.RAMP (7267) to discuss your mobile ramp requirements.

About WM Manufacturing Ltd.

Mission Statement

For 38 years we have been dedicated to offering the most innovative and reliable products at the best possible prices. Dependability, strength and safety is our number 1 goal. We are committed to providing excellent service and exceeding your expectations.


  • WM Manufacturing Ltd., a family business formed in 1972, has served our customers and community as a repair and manufacturing company. We have, in that time, refined the design of our Forkliftramps™ MDS to be the most economical, efficient and durable forklift ramp on the market today.

  • We are proud of our thirty eight years of service, and look forward to many more years of delivering excellence in design innovation, the highest quality standards and customer satisfaction. Count on us for quality forklift ramps. 

  • Our forklift ramps are in use around the world at corporations such as General Electric, Sears, US Army, US Air Force, Royal Canadian Navy, BC Rail, and the Dept. of National Defense. They chose WM Manufacturing Ltd. because of our reputation as the industry leader.

WM Manufacturing Ltd. takes pride in delivering the highest quality and performance forklift ramp mobile dock systems second to none period! To experience the best product coupled with superior service and support call (866) 826-RAMP (7267) to discuss your forklift ramp MDS requirements or request a free, no obligation.

  • Delivery Information (if different than above):

There is only one forklift ramps mobile dock system and it is manufactured exclusively by WM Manufacturing Ltd. WM Manufacturing Ltd. has never manufactured products for any other brand or company. If it is not built by WM Manufacturing Ltd. you do not have the original durable and dependable Forklift Ramps Mobile Dock System.

WM Manufacturing Ltd. - the smart choice for portable loading docks, mobile yard ramps, portable loading ramps, heavy-duty loading ramps, mobile loading docks and forklift ramps.



Thank you for the quick delivery... The ramp is everything and more than we expected. I have attached a couple of photos.

Darrell Williams

J.H. Baxter & Co., Long Beach, CA

 I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the prompt and professional service we got from your company. Our Model 30 ramp fits our needs perfectly and installed with no trouble whatsoever. It has been my pleasure to do business with WM Manufacturing. Thanks.

Craig Bennett

Operations Manager, Alumizona Inc., Tempe, AZ

Brian, Based on what you said about the low angle, I think we'll either weld the lip of ramp to the metal embed edge of dock or pin it somehow. What will the rated capacity of the the ramp be? They could possibly want to drive vehicles up this ramp into the building along with forklifts, so I hope it will be of similar construction to the one we bought previously (that thing was built like "a brick sh*thouse" as they say here in the U.S.-and that's a good thing!) Let me know. Thanks Brian.

Pat Ries

Norm Wilson and Sons, Paramount, CA

Thank you for your quick response and pricing information. I will submit to project coordinator for review tomorrow, and follow-up with you sometime next week. You really have a great product, and well engineered/designed. Again, thank you.

Dan Fulton

Distribution Specialist

The ramp is here and in place ready for use. It is a very nice ramp and will serve us well. Thanks for your prompt shipment.

Andrew Fehr

Maintenance Engineer, Pennington Seed, Lebanon OR 97355
  • Minnesota State Fair
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  • General Electric
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  • Maruichi American Corp.
  • LKQ Autoparts
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Royal Canadian Navy
  • The Scott's Company
  • Dow Corning
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  • Las Vegas Exposition
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  • Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railway Co. (part of Canadian Pacific Railways)
  • BC Rail
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  • Kvaerner Philadelphia Shipyard
  • California Dept of Transport
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